Indo-Norwegian International Online Conference on
“Functional mAterials for eneRgy, environment And biOmedical applicatioNs"


02 - 04, February 2022

   Plenary Invited Speakers
Dr. Erik Marstein, IFE/ UiO, Norway
Prof. Truls Norby, UiO, Norway
Dr. Fride Vullum-Bruer, SINTEF Energy AS, Norway
Prof. S. Sampath, Indian Institute of Science, India
Dr. A.K. Tyagi, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India
Dr. Suraj Soman, CSIR- National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, India
Dr. Rajendrakumar Sharma, SPEL Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
Dr. Vijayamohanan Pillai, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, India

The program covers entire range of research, technology, and applications including cross-links to other green technologies. Novel contributions covering latest scientific, technological, or market-related trends are solicited. Examples of covered themes include but are not limited to:

Photovoltaic materials (Silicon, perovskite, etc.), devices (thin film, multi junction and tandem solar cells), modules and installations (modeling, design, operation, and performance).
New materials and concepts for photovoltaic cells.
Applications of photovoltaic technology (zero emission building-, transport-, aircraft-, agriculture-, fish-farm-integrated).
Markets and Policies.
Invited Speakers
Dr. Alexander Ulyashin, SINTEF Industry, Norway
Prof. Tor Oskar Sætre, University of Agder, Norway
Dr. Kristin Bergum, UiO, Norway
Prof. Tobias Boström, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway
Prof. Dhayalan Velauthapillai, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), Norway
Mr. Sandeep Dixit, Adhani Transmission Ltd., India
Dr. Saravanan Somasundaram, RenewSys India Pvt. Ltd., India
Prof. Parameswar Iyer, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
Dr. Rune Nordheim, REC Solar, Norway AS

   Energy storage

The program is interdisciplinary forum on advances and research outcomes in the field of energy and environmental engineering with energy storage materials, technology, concepts, policies and markets.

Energy storage technologies (electrochemical, thermal, mechanical, wind, hydrogen), energy storage materials (phase change materials), and systems.
New battery materials, cell designs, battery management systems, capacitors (super, ultra, pulsed power), and rechargeable technologies – market and trends.
Challenges, requirements, and opportunities of the battery models on the market.
Battery regulations, obligations, recycling, and safety.
New manufacturing processes and technical know how to achieve economies of scale.
Invited Speakers
Dr. Svein Kvernstuen, Beyonder AS, Norway
Prof. Steven Boles, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Fredrik Ringnes, COO, Hagal AS, Norway
Dr. Gunstein Skomedal, Vianode AS, Norway
Dr. Per Øhlckers, nanoCaps AS, Norway
Dr. Kuldeep Singh, CSIR - Central Electro Chemical Research Institute, India
S.R.S. Prabaharan, CEO, Invents BioEnergy,Pvt.Ltd, Chennai
Dr. R. Vidhyanathan, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, India

   Photoelectrochemistry, Environment & Biomaterial

The session provides a premier focus on interdisciplinary platform that encircles the environmental topics and enlighten the participants on recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges that need to be addressed.

Materials for photocatalysis and applications
CO recycling, Carbon capture and storage.
Artificial photosynthesis and solar fuels- proton and CO reduction catalysis, interfacing molecules and 2 materials for photosynthesis, hydrogen production, oxygen evolution, and water splitting.
Integration of systems for demonstrating realistic devices.
Fundamental aspects of proton, hydroxide and hydride ion conduction in solids (organic and inorganic materials, soft and hard matter, experiment and theory), and applications (fuel/electrolyzer cells, permeation membranes, sensors, etc).
Nanostructured materials for drug delivery, therapeutical approach via green synthesis.
Healthy practices in handling nanomaterials.
Invited Speakers
Prof. Bjørn Hauback, IFE/UiO, Norway
Dr. Richard Blom, SINTEF Industry, Norway
Dr. Alejandro Escalo , University of Southern Norway, UiS
Prof. Elise Runden-Pran, NILU
Dr. Helen French, NMBU
Dr. Viktoriya Yarushina, IFE, Norway
Dr. Per-Anders Hansen, IFE/UiO, Norway
Dr. T.N. Narayanan, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Hyderabad, India
Prof. Yogesh Sharma, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), India
Dr. Chidhambaram Mandan, Hindustan Platinum Pvt. Ltd., India
Prof. Deepa Khushalani, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India
Dr. Santanu Das, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), India
Dr. K.B. Jinesh, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, India